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Coforma: Systems for Success

When my wife and I first started Coforma in 2012 we weren’t exactly sure what problem we were best positioned to solve. I had recently started management consulting after a while working in learning and development and that seemed like the best place to start. What we did know was that Coforma wasn’t going to be an ordinary company.


We were very fortunate to have Virgin Australia as our first client. We provided learning strategy, design, and transformation services as Virgin Blue transformed from a cash-based carrier into Virgin Australia, a globally integrated ticketed airline. Since then we’ve provided services to other corporates, to startups and small businesses, to non-profits, and we’ve run numerous social programs too. The one constant for Coforma has been that we’ve followed our passions in the work we do - we’ve not become too comfortable with any one initiative, market, segment, or service.

Coforma has changed, transformed, and adjusted since we first started this project in 2012, however Coforma still allows us to apply our skills in assisting people to thrive. Coforma’s founding philosophy is that for organisations and initiatives to succeed in the long-term, primary focus must be placed on eudaimonia - a concept from the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, developed further by the stoics, meaning that the culmination of human endeavor is happiness or flourishing. This is a philosophy that we hold more dear as we see new developments in the corporate sector, workplaces, and the societies in which we work and live.

We’re looking forward to:

  • Empowering people to flourish at work and in their personal lives.
  • Helping companies build their digital futures with a focus on the experiences of their workforce.
  • Advising governments, regulators, and education institutions on the future of work.
  • Helping companies understand the phenomenology of work in the modern world.
  • Assisting young people in the communities of North West Queensland to thrive.
  • Personal projects in Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies in developing a meaningful future of work.

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Simon Ives